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    review rating 5  My boyfriend and I are traveling to Bimini, Bahamas for vacation with our two dogs. Wellington of Bahamas Pet Imports Permits did the paperwork for us very quick and easily. You can make payment through Zelle and it is totally worth it, you save yourself the hassle of doing the permit on your own (which could be very time consuming). Would highly recommend their services, they were fast to respond to our questions before we actually filled the forms and completed payment. Thank you!

    thumb Mary Ann Jaramillo

    review rating 5  Use this service! In the past, I would get my pet permit on my own. I was nervous to use an online service. I am definitely kicking myself for not doing this sooner. This is cheaper AND easier! Wellington is an absolute delight to work with. I can't believe how fast everything went through. Highly recommend.

    thumb joycegauthier

    review rating 5  After spending months fretting over all the details of the Bahamas Pet Permit application, I decided to try Wellington Saunders' service and apply online. Wellington was professional, courteous and extremely prompt! With Wellington taking care of hand-delivering the application I avoided the hassle of obtaining an international money order and expensive FedEx shipping. I had my approved permit within 3 days for less money. I highly recommend this service!

    thumb Tamara Grenier

    review rating 5  Wellington Saunders has made getting a pet permit quick, easy, and fast. He is extremely professional. Mr Saunders took all the stress out of the entire process, I cannot thank him enough.

    thumb Jennifer Pignetti

    review rating 5  My family surprised me with a trip to Bahamas, without realizing I would needed a permit to bring my service dogs. Thank god we found Wellington, and his speedy services- super grateful I got my permits ready just in couple of days and don’t have to cancel our upcoming trip! Thank you very much for everything that you do.

    thumb Belamour Biewer Terriers

    review rating 5  Was a lot less work than I thought. Wellington Saunders took all the hassle I've gone through for the past four years out of my life. I would have to go to the post office in a neighboring town to get the international money order and then send the form International FED EX to the Bahamas and either have them send back or fax the approval. It took 2 or more weeks and I always was unsure if all would be proper. Wellington Saunders service was excellent and I highly recommend doing this process through him, Much more of a personal service.

    thumb Cathy Marco

    review rating 5  We used Bahamas Pet Permit (Wellington Saunders). After submitting my forms we had a permit emailed to us within days! So much easier than doing through the government. Highly recommend him. Professional, fast and so thorough. Can't say enough thanks.

    thumb Kyle Cundy

    review rating 5  We have used Wellington’s service twice now and could not be happier. We have brought our dog down to the Bahamas for years and we’re forced to navigate the system on our own. Wellington streamlines the entire process, efficiently and quickly. Cannot say enough great things. Thank you Wellington

    thumb Chris Gugelmann

    review rating 5  So excited we can take Stella with us to Eleuthera. Your communication & responsiveness through out the entire application process was outstanding. Your willingness to help move our application through the process means we get to share your beautiful Bahamas with our adored puppy. Thank you again for helping make this happen in record time‼️ Anne, David & Stella🐾🐶💗

    thumb Anne P Hines

    review rating 5  We decided 2 weeks before our Abacos trip that we wanted to bring our dog. Wellington was recommended to help us get our pet permit for the Bahamas. Best recommendation we could have gotten!!! Wellington took care of everything and answered all my crazy questions quickly!! Thank you for great service!!!

    thumb Janette Mills Keen

    review rating 5  I would highly recommend using Mr. Saunders' service any time you are traveling into the Bahamas with a pet. Knowing how difficult it can be to work with government agencies, especially from a distance, it is nice to have a representative help you through the process of filling out all of the necessary documents, and then completing the entire process for you. Mr. Saunders was quick to respond to any questions I had through the What's App messaging platform, and was even willing to go out of his way to try and help us expedite the permit as we had to travel into the Bahamas for a funeral. While he was unable to get the permit for us within the 24 hour period we were hoping for (much faster than the 3-5 business days) he did everything he could to try to make that happen. If you are looking to make traveling with your pet an easy process, then this is the route to take. Thank you again Mr. Saunders.

    thumb Rebekah Tedeschi

    review rating 5  Excellent Service! Efficient, communicative and reasonably priced. Overall, less expensive than sending the application via FedEx, paying the application fee and paying for a fax from the Ministry. In my case, it was a 2 day turnaround. Could not ask for more!

    thumb Mike Tellup

    review rating 5  Working with Wellington on getting our pet application approved for the Bahamas was a great experience! He made the process so easy & stress free to get this all done! I would highly recommend using Wellington if you are looking to head to the Bahamas with your pets!

    thumb Kelly Dodge

    review rating 5  Wellington was so friendly and quick to respond. All of our emailed questions were responded to in a matter of minutes and we received our permit in less than one week from the submission. I could not recommend this service anymore, it was excellent! Thank you!

    thumb Jose Moreiras

    review rating 5  I can't begin to explain how easy Wellington made this process. We were able to bring our dog with us with absolutely no problems at all. I HIGHLY recommend using this company to do all your paperwork!!!

    thumb Andrea Trematore

    review rating 5  We have used several times to facilitate paperwork for bringing our small dog to The Bahamas. Very fast and makes the process seamless. Highly recommend!

    thumb Len Critcher

    review rating 5  Wellington’s service was very fast and professional. I submitted my application on a Monday morning and had my approved permit by Wednesday afternoon. The fees are very reasonable and less than I paid a different time for 2-day FedEx to mail my application. Highly recommend.

    thumb Jordan Nadler

    review rating 5  Wellington was quick with communication and in helping me get my pet permit. I had it within days. Wellington is incredibly reliable and made this a quick and easy process. His user friendly site gives you all the proper documents and information you need. I highly recommend him and moving forward will only use him in the future.

    thumb Jessa Di Geronimo

    review rating 5  BEST service!!!! Wellington was quick to respond to emails and his website is super easy to use and understand. He helped us to get two permits for each of our dogs. We had them within a week. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services to everyone. We will definitely be using Wellington from now on. Thank you Wellington!!

    thumb Amanda Pitkin

    review rating 5  GREAT SERVICE START TO FINISH! I am so impressed with Mr. Welington's service! This is my first time bringing my dog to the Bahamas, so I was very unfamiliar with the process and requirements. Mr. Wellington streamlines the whole process start to finish and keeps you updated throughout. Additionally, any questions or concerns I had, Mr. Wellington very kindly answered(and the lord knows, I asked a million). I really wanted to share my experience because I was skeptical at first of its legitimacy since it was not a government website. I imagine that I'm probably not the only one. So, I am here to tell you this is LEGIT, EASY, AND FAST! I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you again Mr. Wellington for helping make our upcoming trip way more special with our dog.

    thumb John Erny IV

    review rating 5  Wow, what an easy process. I was very stressed because we booked our trip to the Bahamas last minute and we needed to bring our dog. Wellington was very accessible and brought my application to the Dept. of Agriculture immediately. He was very knowledgeable on the entire process. Worth spending the extra money!

    thumb Heather Schoff

    review rating 5  Professional, reliable and very fast! Whoever went through the process of getting a pet permit for the Bahamas knows what a headache I am talking about: waiting, calling, waiting, resubmitting, waiting ... I wish someone had told me about Mr. Wellington from "Bahamas Pet Import Permits" years ago! I just filled out the permit application for his approval, payed the very reasonable fees and had the permit 4 days later. A treat that I can highly recommend.

    thumb Jutta Aletter

    review rating 5  Wellington did a great job getting our required pet permit quickly for entry into the Bahamas. He provides a great service at a very reasonable price and was very helpful. We highly recommend him.

    thumb Mary McClellan

    review rating 5  We highly recommend Wellington Saunders to help process a Bahamas Pet Permit! He responded quickly and professionally and our paperwork was completed successfully. We have been to the Bahamas several times before and the pet application process always took months. Thank you Wellington for your efficient business!

    thumb Mackie Hempel

    review rating 5  Wellington’s “Pet Permit” service puts the carefree back into your Bahamas vacation. It’s a detailed checklist that navigates you through the government regulations process. We highly recommend Wellington Saunders, and look forward to meeting up with him one day!

    thumb Sailing Keani

    review rating 5  If I could give Wellington more stars, I definitely would! This was my first time using his service. The entire process is easy, especially with Pay Pal as a payment. I had my permit a few days after first emailing Wellington. We will definitely be using his service again!

    thumb Michele Brickham

    review rating 5  Wellington was awesome to work with. We travel to Long Island Bahamas and this was the first year we were lucky enough to bring the newest addition to our family, Millie the Glen of Imaal Terrier! Wellington was extremely responsive, always answering my calls when I had a question. Based on my limited interactions with the Bahamian government, you would be crazy to try to get this permit on your own. This service exceeded my expectations and I certainly look forward to using it again!

    thumb Helena Apartments

    review rating 5  This was an excellent service. Wellington was very responsive and efficient and it is well worth it! I would highly recommend using him to process any pet permit needs.

    thumb Mike Friedman

    review rating 5  For hassle free application, this service is 5 stars. The website worked smoothly, the downloads were easy, the follow-up from Wellington was quick and professional, and the process was both timely and ultimately successful. Money well spent.

    thumb Leslie Bell-Friedel

    review rating 5  Wellingtons Bahama Pet Permit Service is the best thing we've done. It's simple with a quick turnaround. He is always available for any questions and very reasonably priced. We will continue to use his service.

    thumb Tony Bowen

    review rating 5  I used Wellington Sander for getting my pets import paperwork done. Just plug in Bahamas Pet Import and he pops up. All I can say is it was fantastic, he was quick took about 5 days to get it e-mailed back to me he responded immediately I wish the rest of the Bahamas was as efficient and good to work with as his service is!!!!

    thumb John Dony

    review rating 5  We have been taking our dog to The Bahamas for years and the pet permitting process has always been a hassle to make sure you do everything correctly. This year my friend told me about Bahamas Pet Import Permits service by Wellington Saunders. The process was easy and as quick as can be. I completed the form, paid the fee, and viola within a short period of time the permit was approved and returned to me. No hassle and well with fee. I will use this service always!

    thumb Jodi Lynn Butler

    review rating 5  Wellington is fabulous as is the service he provides. I will never again try to go through the process of getting a pet import permit myself. Wellington makes it simple (no dealing with bureaucrats, lines, waiting, etc.). And it costs less having Wellington do it for you. What's not to love!

    thumb Sherry Fortune

    review rating 5  Wow! We had a crazy request for Wellington. He communicated great, always responding to email. And got exactly what we needed. (Even though we asked way beyond the norm) Highly recommend. Will tell all my cruising friends to use him.

    thumb Wandering Knapps aboard MV Illuminate

    review rating 5  First time bringing our dog Ida to the Bahamas and I used Wellington to handle the permitting process. I had heard from friends that the process could be a bit challenging. Contacted Wellington and within a week we had our permit. Wellington responded to my online application right away and it could not have been easier. Very reasonable fee for the service as well. Joe & Beth ONeal Cape Cod Massachusetts

    thumb Joseph ONeal

    review rating 5  HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone that is not living in the Bahamas. This was such a fast and easy process with Mr.Wellington. He was very professional and answered all of my questions right away via WhatsApp. I received my permit within the same week. Thank you so much Mr.Wellington !

    thumb Pernellya Jolly

    review rating 5  After getting the run around from USPS, FedEx and UPS I was feeling more than frustrated. That’s when I stumbled upon Wellington after frantically searching the internet for another solution. He made the process seamless! He responded quickly and his efficient communication kept me up to date every step of the way. From submitting all documents to approval was a little more than a week. I would highly recommend Wellington and his services. He has been a lifesaver!

    thumb Dana G

    review rating 5  Wellington makes a complicated process so easy! Rather than waiting and wondering if the paperwork has been received and processed, and rather than the expense and time of sending via FedEx and providing a return FedEx, and dealing with money orders, I just uploaded docs to Wellington and paid him electronically. So, so easy! It’s complicated enough to travel with pets, so it’s really nice to have one thing that goes as expected! Thanks so much for providing this service!

    thumb Ginny Hunneke

    review rating 5  Quick and easy to get a pet permit for the Bahamas with Wellington’s help! He is knowledgeable and moves fast for a very reasonable fee. Highly recommend!

    thumb Tatiana Soldatova

    review rating 5  Fabulous! I've been struggling with my own Pet Permit for years. So many trips to Department of Immigration. Standing in lines. This was perfect. Thank yoiu Wellington.

    thumb anna moore

    review rating 5  So easy and simple to have Bahamas Pet Import process the permit for you! So worth it, as it is hassle free, efficient and no worries. No driving to the the office to hand deliver paperwork, wait in line and having to return to pick it back up, especially if you are still out of the country. Highly recommend processing permits this way!

    thumb Michelle Hinton

    review rating 5  I enjoyed my experience with Mr. Sauders to obtain my pet permit to enter the Bahamas with my pet. It was so easy, and the transaction was seamless and secure. It only took a few days compared to other ways I have obtained the application to the permit. Highly recommended!!

    thumb Video Games

    review rating 5  Mr. Saunders absolutely exceeded our expectations in his promptness and attention to detail. We recently needed pet travel permits for our two dogs Murphy and Sparty. Mr. Saunders responded to our initial email within a few hours. His instructions to us were very clear and easy to follow. His email to us provided a link to the application form which we completed then emailed back to him. We received back the official Government approved pet permits from him within a few days (much less than a week). We have used his services twice over the last three years and will certainly use them again. Gary and Claudia

    thumb Gary Elliott

    review rating 5  Wellington was so helpful throughout the process! He was able to provide the permit with a quick turnaround and provided all the necessary forms and steps. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family!

    thumb Erika Romero

    review rating 5  Wellington is great!! Responded to my emails right away and made sure everything was taken care of. Even called me to confirm a few things!!! A+++

    thumb Lauren Tome

    review rating 5  Wellington was very professional and quick with his communication. Given that the Bahamas was facing a pandemic lockdown and a hurricane, the permit was received within a week! I highly recommend his services. If you are importing your fur baby, save the stress and hassle of trying to do it yourself, and use this service. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Wellington!

    thumb Stefanie Plein

    review rating 5  Mr. Wellington Saunders provided me with very fast and efficient service. I received my pet permit within two days! He was very responsive to my questions and concerns, and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I highly recommend using his service!

    thumb Sandra Walbridge

    review rating 5  I routinely travel to the Bahamas as the captain of a motor yacht. As a captain, you have to worry about EVERYTHING that goes into the trip... including the dog. The boss has a family dog and she goes everywhere with us. I either have to file a pet permit way in advance (almost impossible with my boss's schedule), or get to Nassau a few days early and walk the pet permit through myself. Since I came across Wellington's posting for his Pet Permit Service, getting the pet permit has been a breeze. Scan your documents or take a good pic of your pets documents, send to Wellington, and a couple of days later you have a permit. I think the longest I've had to wait is 3 days. I have used Wellington 4-5 times now with the same results. I would highly recommend using him for running your pet docs. Capt Rich

    thumb Richard Jones

    review rating 5  This was the easiest business dealing I have encountered while living in the Bahamas for the past 4 years. It typically took me 2-4 weeks to received a Pet Permit however Mr. Saunders had it to me in 4 days. Very pleased!!!!

    thumb Terena Messick

    review rating 5  This was such a great service! I am going to Kamalame Cay in a few weeks and reached out to Wellington to see about getting the necessary pet permit so that I could bring my dog with me. Every time I sent him an email he responded in a matter of minutes. He had me send him some very easy and basic vet paperwork about my dog and then had a pet permit for me in a matter of days. This couldn't have been any easier and I would highly recommend using Wellington if you are going to travel to the Bahamas and need a pet permit

    thumb Eric Subin

    review rating 5  The process from start to finish was well organized and professional. Moving forward when in need of a permit I will surely be using His services again! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, SUCH A BREEZE!

    thumb Karah Brown

    review rating 5  Wellington was a pleasure to work with. Very fast turn around time (5 business days) and no worries that I will be able to take my dog with me to the Bahamas when we sail there. Thanks so much for making this process much less painful!! Very much appreciated.

    thumb Britt Henesy

    review rating 5  This is great! Simple and easy! Just emailed the pet paperwork and he confirmed everything was correct by email. As soon as he filed the pet permit request on the Bahamas we received notification by email and updates of the process! We got the permit really fast.

    thumb Velma Diaz

    review rating 5  Absolutely the best way to get your pet passport. Even during the COVID crisis Wellington kept us informed and got the papers as soon as things opened up. Recommend his services and will definitely be using him again. Amy

    thumb Amy Hart

    review rating 5  Mr. Saunder was awesome to work with. This will be our 1st time traveling with our dog so you can only imagine I had a number of questions. Mr. Saunders was fantastic in helping me through the complete process. He kept me updated and returned my emails. Very professional. The website was easy to navigate and provides you with a lot of information and answers. Thank you for your assistance. I would highly suggest using this service that Mr. Saunder's offers for your best friend!

    thumb Heather Alexandre

    review rating 5  Wellington was FANTASTIC! I have been mailing permits in on my own for years and am so glad I came across Bahamas Pet Import Permit because it was so much easier and quicker. Even during COVID-19 Wellington was successful in obtaining our permits and had great communication. I will be using his services again in the future.

    thumb Alexis Brewster Larrea

    review rating 5  Wellington was extremely helpful and responsive to get my dog's paperwork for our vacation. I did it last year by myself. But this year since I needed a quicker turnaround time I used his services. I'm so glad I did. He delivered! I will use him now every time!

    thumb Beth Crews

    review rating 5  I am very pleased with the efforts of Bahamas Pet Import Permits. I was kept informed throughout the process which was speedy from start to finish.. This service is definitely faster compared to when I had done this on my own in the past.

    thumb Pauline Russell

    review rating 5  Very Happy with Mr. Saunders , I would recommend his service to anyone traveling with pets

    thumb Cathy Galati

    review rating 5  As I was applying for my pet permit to take my service dog to the Bahamas I had several questions such as where to begin. Mr. Saunders was fantastic in helping me through the complete process, even replying as late as midnight via e-mail; that is dedication. Not once did this individual get upset with the many times I had questioned the receipt of documents. Everything was done professionally and proficient. I would have not known where to begin or what to send with him. Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance.

    thumb Lori C